Community Learning Systems LLC

Unlocking Grassroots Brilliance

Our Values

Local Wisdom


We know that communities have histories, knowledge and capacities that are seen and valued - and are unseen and undervalued. Teachers, creators and leaders may come from traditional institutional places and from grassroots spaces. 

With our clients, we engage in curiosity about the complex landscape of their intersecting communities. Through interviews and gatherings, we follow streams of experience, 

knowledge and relationships. 

We ask ourselves questions. What historical patterns are relevant? Who are the usual suspects? What voices are we missing? What local strengths are on the periphery of our vision? 

We dig deep as we map 

so that our shared work reflects 

the genuine diversity and capacities 

that are part of our client's world.

Positive Impact


We work with clients who care deeply about having  a positive impact. 

This means when we map together, we trace connections and relationships beyond the boundaries. We explore how our communities fit into broader systems. Who benefits from these systems? Who is harmed by these systems? How is the earth impacted by what we do?

At the same time, we are attuned to the impact of our company. To maintain integrity, our business model is based directly on the services we provide. We do not sell data, advertising, priority access, premium placement or engage in other income earning practices that separate us from our core purpose and values.

Further,  as our business grows,  we are shaping revenue streams so they are shared throughout the system and increase the vitality and well being of the whole system.

Living Systems


Communities are living systems that grow, change and intersect in vibrant ways. We shape our client learning systems to support this natural vitality. 

Our learning structures are dynamic, flexible and portable. They are designed to grow with creators and communities and to foster creative interactions within and across complex community networks.

So too, we operate with a 

living-systems-centered approach 

to project management. 

This means we consider the 

vision, mission, goals and actions 

in a holistic context. 

We recognize that our clients need to 

reach goals.  And they need to care for 

the longevity and thriving of the context 

in which those goals are placed.