Community Learning Systems LLC

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Consulting Services


Map Your Community Ecosystem

Through a focused 6-week consulting project, we use our step-by-step process to help you build a living map of your community ecosystem, including . . .

  • knowledge & capacities
  • creators & creator networks
  • ambassadors & enthusiasts
  • institutions, groups & movements
  • significant historical patterns & sense of identity
  • patterns of trust
  • traditional & grassroots curators of knowledge
  • overlaps, intersections & opportunities
  • other key features


  • Investing in your own rich tapestry of talent
  • Expanding awareness of relationships and capacities
  • Understanding existing patterns of trust (& barriers to trust)
  • Opening new ways to engage and connect
  • Identifying emerging opportunities
  • Sparking new approaches to moving missional priorities forward

Build a Community Channel

Based on this living map, we help you design, build and grow an online Community Channel that supports the vitality of your community ecosystem.

Your Channel includes . . .

     > CLS Distributor System

  • Turnkey Customizable Fully-Featured Community Learning Labs for Constituent Organizations & Groups
  • Curated Object System
  • Libraries & Collections
  • Conversations & Webinars
  • Searchable Profiles of People, Organizations and Activities

     > CLS Editorial System

  • An Integrated Editorial System with Dashboards for Publishers, Curators, and Trusted Sources to Manage Content.

     > CLS Creator Tools

  • Submission Forms for Various Kinds of Curated Objects
  • Applications to Build Curated Collections, Create Courses, and Submit Publications
  • Ability to Integrate Moodle and Other Content Creation Systems
  • E-commerce System

     > CLS Play

  • An Engaging Space for Users to Explore your Community Knowledge Environment

     > Administrator Tools, Training & Coaching


  • Centers your city/region, denomination or cross-community network as a convener of knowledge, activities, people and groups
  • Activates and supports creators, curators, ambassadors & enthusiasts
  • Organizes and delivers knowledge across complex intersecting communities
  • Connects institutions and grassroots communities
  • Builds trust by integrating your network of trusted sources
  • Builds shared identity across your ecosystem
  • Becomes sustainable, and then income-generating, as it grows