Community Learning Systems LLC

Unlocking Grassroots Brilliance

Our Clients

Our clients manage complex networks of communities.

Our clients are working to surface talent and passions, share knowledge in accessible formats, build commitment and relationships, and organize activities around missional priorities. We work with client partners who have anywhere from 25 to thousands of distinct communities in their ecosystem.

Cities & Regions

We work with regional leaders (cities, civic bodies, community foundations, region-wide initiatives) to map the regional ecosystem.

We support regions in building a community learning system that surfaces networks and talent, shares accessible knowledge, and organizes activities across diverse institutions, organizations and community groups for the sake of region-wide problem-solving and thriving.

Associations of Community Libraries, Museums & Community Schools

We support association leaders, educators, curators and librarians as they bring the rich educational resources in their institutions into the communities they serve. Simultaneously we explore the creative capacity within communities and how to integrate it into the institutions.  The first step is to map the relevant ecosystem.

We followup with full suite of tools to strengthen this institutional/community integration via a custom community learning system.

Religious Denominations & Interfaith Networks

As old structures for distributing denominational education are disappearing , there is a profound need to generate new educational infrastructure, to deepen denominational identity, and to organize a vast richness of talent and passion toward shared priorities.

We work with denominational leaders to map their ecosystem and to shape dynamic learning infrastructure that welcomes emergent creativity and curates knowledge through trusted sources for quality.

Colleges & Universities

We work with a cross-department leadership teams in colleges and universities (that bring together alumni relations, life long learning, service learning, and other community-facing areas). Together we map the ecosystem of internal and external communities,

From here, we help teams shape a cross-institutional cross-community learning infrastructure that integrates with diverse learning platforms already in place and shares knowledge in flexible accessible formats.

Community-Integrated Businesses

We work with leaders of medium to large businesses, who are committed to creating positive impact in every aspect of their value chain. Together, we map the value chain end to end, including relevant internal and external communities throughout their ecosystem.

We follow this up with a full-bodied community learning system that surfaces, organizes and shares knowledge. Curatorial tools allow this knowledge to be sealed by trusted sources. The overall infrastructure is shaped to foster problem-solving, new idea generation, and continuous improvement.

Professional, Academic & Social Justice Associations

We work with leaders in regional and global networks who are responsible for education, relationships and social engagement. We begin (of course!) by getting the right team together and mapping the ecosystem.

With this accomplished, we are ready to collaboratively design a community learning system - that gathers libraries of knowledge curated by the network (and trusted sources within the network ecosystem), and cascades these libraries out into locally customizable learning labs - which in turn generate knowledge and creativity that they share with the network.

*Creators, educators, curators and leaders of smaller organizations,  

associations and networks who are interested in engaging with our tools 

can connect with our not-for-profit partner, 

Innovative Models for Community Learning